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Behind These Eyes

Behind These Eyes is a lot of hurt,
a lot of pain
a lot of guilt
a lot of shame.
Brokenness need mended
Before the journey is ended
Revival, LORD send it!
These tear stained eyes
Once blinded by lies, deception, and longing
Washed in your goodness
My heart that you’re holding
These eyes tell a story that none can see
A little girl lost and lonely, that’s me
Beauty from ashes unburned by the fire
Jesus, Lord Jesus my only desire!
To see you, to know you, to love you
I do.
Cover me, hold me, and shelter me I pray
From the storms of life that cause me dismay.
Lift me high above on eagle’s wings
To a place where heavenly angels sing
Look Behind These Eyes
and you’ll find there’s more
Than what’s on the surface
Hopes dashed to the floor
Still there’s a light that shines through an open door
Brighter than any light I’ve seen before.
It stills the waves that crash to the shore
And dawns the darkness forevermore.

Copyright 2021 K. L. Williams
All rights reserved

Nobody’s Home

Ain’t you tireds of knockin’?
Knockin’ on doors unopened, shut,
slammed in yo’face
Gettin’ kicked in the butt?
Rollin’roud in the mud ’cause you been in a rutt?

It’s been far too long!
A long time comin’
Rockin’ back and forth
repeatin’ this tune I been hummin’

Nobody’s home!
So the knockers keep knockin’
And the do’bell keep ringin’
The whistle blowers blow
And the mailman keep singin’

I can hear a big dog’a barkin’ up yonders street
He betta not come near me
lessen he lose summa his teeth.
He run through the back yard
But nobody’s home
To say “Get out my yard, you bag’a bones”!

Strays gone astray
Not a hungry meal in sight
But even a dog gotta eat
So come hear ye’ole stinker
I’ll treat’cha alright
Here, here’s a bite for you to eat
When nobody’s home to give you a treat.

Copyright 2021 K. L. Williams
All rights reserved


I’m fighting for a cause!

I’m fighting for a cause because very few are willing to stand on the truth!

Many claim to want to get to heaven but could care less about their life or the lifestyle they’re living

And are more concerned with how much they can receive rather than lending a hand in giving.

My cause is evident every time I walk outside

Though inner fear and sadness I try to hide just so I can make someone else’s day with a smile and that makes it all worthwhile

As I continue to breathe in, I breathe out

Self doubt

That clouds my mind daily but can you see it? No! Because I’m fighting for a cause!

I’m fighting for a cause because I know the depth of life’s daily struggles!

I’m fighting for a cause because my sisters young and old need to be taught to use their body as something other than a playground do I’m taking a stand!

No man!

We cannot get down with the get down on the bed, on the sofa, on the table, or on the ground unless a kiss is sealed with marital bliss.

And giving you my digits does not mean you can afford husband privileges because


My milkshake may bring all the boys to yard but that does not mean every Mike, Joe, Thomas and James can take a spin on this merry-go-round

So, my sisters, know that you far outweigh the value of silver and gold

And like the stories being told by our ancestors who stood so bold

in the days of old

we are queens of royalty, destined for greatness everlasting for generations to come

with sweetness of the sound of old negro spirituals being hummed

But can you hear it?

Don’t let the songs be sung in vain!

Stand on these words because out of my mouth I speak the truth so I’m using it as something other than a trash can

So that my voice will travel to distant lands

And proclaim victory over everyone who believes that little boys and little girls growing up in the projects are hopeless.

Know this: God is the hope that breathes treasure into worthlessness and hope into hopelessness!

And I’m fighting for a cause because as I walk the streets alone

I can hear the silent cries of children abandoned in their homes

That are supposed to be filled with love

And I pray a ray of hope into their soul so they’ll know that their lives are not as hopeless as some make them out to be

Offering myself as a sacrifice so that I may someday lead those who may look up to me

Teaching the words that our forefathers taught


I thank God that someone was bold enough to visualize a dream that many could not conceive

And tell my young brothers and sisters that they, too, can have a dream.

So dream on dreamer!

And don’t let the struggles of life stand in the way.

Don’t worry about the hate that the ney sayers preach!

Know that every dream you dream is within your reach!

So grab hold of it and don’t let go

Keep on pressing whether you’re moving fast or slow

And this is the stance I take whether in a crowd or standing alone

But to anyone who hears the voice behind the words, get on board and let’s go!

Copyright 2014 K.L. Williams

All rights reserved

Phenomenal Woman, Too: dedicated to the late, Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

Blessed in my joys, blessed in my sorrows;

Blessed in today and blessed in tomorrow;

Blessed in my tears, blessed in my groaning;

Blessed until there is no more longing;

Blessed with hope and blessed with peace;

My blessings never cease, they only increase!

Blessed in my walk and blessed in my talk,

Seeds planted growing like beans into stalks!

Blessed when happy and blessed when sad,

Blessed to be still even when mad.

How do I know I’m blessed?

Because even when circumstances beyond my control continue to come my way

I am blessed to know that they, too, shall pass; they’ll never stay

And more blessings, more blessings are on the way!

And even when beaten, mistreated and scorned

I am never alone; NO, never forlorn!

So I walk away meekly with a praise on my tongue,

Joy in my heart transformed into song!

So when the night seems long and the day seems blue

I am blessed in knowing that I, just like you, am a Phenomenal Woman, too!

Copyright 2014 K. L. Williams

All Rights Reserved